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The Keys- arrive as you are

Welcome to Americas Caribbean and the island of Key Largo, the first city you’ll arrive at in the Keys. Key Largo is noted as being the diving capital of the world, where the relaxed lifestyle and slower pace relieves all your stress.

One of the worlds largest artificial reef's is located in Key Largo. Things that are a must see in Key Largo are the  510 foot USS Spiegel Grove, the John Pennekamp Coral Reef Underwater State Park, the African Queen and the famous Christ of the Abyss underwater statue. In addition the Everglades National Park is a very short destination by either boat or car

For an incredible Keys experience, you have the options of snorkeling, diving, kayaking and boating in the aquamarine waters of the Keys.

There are great options for both backcountry and ocean fishing. Recreational water-sports are everywhere and for nature enthusiasts there is birding, biking on the many trails, hiking as well as swimming with the Dolphins. In addition there are numerous bars where you can relax with a cool drink.

Places to stay in the Keys are numerous and range from private vacation rentals to Hotels, and Resorts. The Keys also have numerous campgrounds to choose from.

Marathon is considered the middle of the Keys. There are numerous places to visit here as well as a full service airport and Various Marinas for people bringing their own boat.

Starting from the southwest coast of Florida, the sandy gems referred to as the Keys offer one exciting chance to another for travelers looking for stimulation and relaxation. The Keys islands stretch for 120 miles, and within that span you will find art, history, music and as much natural splendor as the senses can handle. Each island features its own distinctive characteristics, but all of them will impress and enthrall anybody lucky enough to wander in the Keys.

Key Largo first in line is a wonderful island to start your adventure. Key Largo's nearness to the Everglades make visiting there an exciting prospect. The Everglades offer the ultimate in wildlife and nature experiences.

The Island of Islamorada is next on the trip down the Keys. Islamorada is often referred to as the Fishing capital of the world. Diving and snorkeling are all popular activities here as well. In addition Islamorada has great shopping areas, art galleries and lots of retail shops to wander around.

The lower Keys beginning with Big Pine Key are more laid back and have a slower lifestyle. The same water-sports of fishing, diving, snorkeling and kayaking are very popular here as well.

At the end of your trip you'll of course find Key West. Key WEst is a destination spot and sees thousands of tourists who arrive there by Cruise ship, plane or automobile. Key West is very unique and has it's own energy. It's a bit like New Orleans but yet is entirely different. The obvious way to sum up Key West is that it is really a enjoyable place to be.

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