Sunday, December 11, 2005

Florida health and medical overview

Living in a warm climate and being close to nature and enjoying the outdoors is good for your health.
When you wake up and it's sunny out more than 300 days a year-you have to admit, you're going to feel better about life. So that's just one of the main benefits of living in Florida.

When you do need a Doctor or health facility, Florida has them. Why do we have some of the best Hospitals in the country and all that goes with it-nurses, doctors, etc?

The answer is: With a growing retirement community (Florida is the number 1 choice for retirement areas) as well as new residents, relocating here due to our great job creation, we have to have them!

Another other factor is that people like it here. Job transfers to Florida are usually looked at as a positive step in life. When the snow is flying-who doesn't look at the travel guides.

Some serious information:
Based on a recent survey by The Winter Park Health Foundation
• The majority of Florida voters (63%) rank health care as one of the top three most important functions of state government. Twenty eight percent said it was "the most important function."

• When asked specifically about Medicaid, 82% of Florida voters feel it is important for Florida state government to provide health care coverage to uninsured children and uninsured low-income working adults, with 58% feeling it is "very important."

• When advised that Florida's Medicaid insurance program accounts for one quarter of the state budget and knowing that will increase due to population growth among those who qualify, 73% of Florida voters still feel that the state of Florida has a "responsibility to assist in providing health coverage for uninsured children and uninsured working low-income families."

• The survey focused on issues such as voter concern about cost and accessibility of health care and insurance coverage; levels of support available for low-income and needy disabled, the elderly, children and working families without health care coverage; levels of concern about the cost of Medicaid to the state of Florida, and the roles of federal, state and local government.

The conclusion is unmistakable. Floridians care about Health care and demand the best.

As with Education, due to its rapid population growth Florida has had to adjust for new and existing residents. The results are a success story.
• There are over 275 hospitals located throughout the state.
• There are 47 VA hospitals and Clinics
• There are over 2000 assisted living facilities
• There are over 2300 Health care clinics

To see all facilities in the state of Florida by city go to

For a general list see or go to the specific areas link on this site and see the Specific Health information page.

Another excelent resource for Hospital location can be found at

Due to the influx of new people and the attraction of the area (Doctors like nice weather too) Florida is on top of breaking technologies in Specialized care.

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