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Orlando fl employment

Orlando and Orange County Employment
Orange County has employment opportunities in a wide range of industries.
As new businesses continue to move into the area and existing businesses grow, employment will continue to be on the rise. Orange County has an educated and motivated workforce traditionally functioning in a non-union work environment.

The greatest area for potential employment lies in the services industry, which represents approximately 40 percent of all employment. Within the services area, the tourism sector is particularly promising. Two of the three biggest employers comprise theme parks and hotels: the Walt Disney World Resort and Universal Orlando.

Health care and retail (stores) also are major employers within the services sector.
In addition, several corporate headquarters are located throughout the region. They include Siemens Westinghouse, American Automobile Association, Dixon Ticonderoga, Darden Restaurants, Hilton and Tupperware International.
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Some statistics:
Labor force (2004) 528,933

Average wages

All Industries $34,623

Construction $38,525

Education & Health Services $35,666

Financial Activities $48,414

Information $48,205

Leisure & Hospitality $21,921

Manufacturing $47,730

Natural Resources & Mining $20,952

Other Services $24,722

Professional & Business Services $40,246

Public administration $41,642

Trade, Transportation and Utilities $33,130

Employment by industry as of 2004

Construction 5.1% 

Education & Health Services 15.0% 

Financial Activities 6.5%

Information 2.7% 

Leisure & Hospitality 22.2% 

Manufacturing 4.6% 

Natural Resources & Mining 0.8%

Other Services 2.9% 3.2%

Professional & Business Services 17.3% 

Public administration 4.4%

Trade, Transportation and Utilities 18.6%
Major Employers (2003)

Walt Disney World

Business Line: Entertainment

Number of Employees......53,500 Orange County Public Schools

Business Line: Education

Number of Employees....22,807

Adventist Health Systems

Business Line: Healthcare

Number of Employees...17,059 Universal Orlando

Business Line: Entertainment

Number of Employees..14,500

Orlando Regional Healthcare System

Business Line: Healthcare

Number of Employees...12,000 Orange County Government

Business Line: Government

Number of Employees.... 6,577

Additional resources for demographic information include:

Bureau of Economic and Business Research at the University of Florida (BEBR)

U.S Census Bureau

Florida Agency for Workforce Innovation – Labor Market Information

Orlando job site
State jobs

Orange county Government employment

Additional resources for job and demographic information
*If you have to work for a living, you might as well be in a great environment.

In conclusion, the job market is growing fast and there are jobs waiting for good employees. So if you like good weather and lots of recreational opportunities, why not work in paradise.

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