Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Why is Florida the Fishing Capital of the World?

Florida has a huge variety of sportfish species, from largemouth bass in nearly all our fresh waters, to redfish along shorelines and sailfish offshore. More International Game Fish Association records are set in Florida, and more anglers come here to fish than anywhere else in the nation. Best of all, in the Sunshine State, fishing is great year round.

Saltwater Fishing Destinations

Florida’s inshore, nearshore and offshore waters have a large diversity of saltwater fish available to anglers. With 2,276 miles of tidal shore, Florida has the most diverse saltwater fishing on the continent. No other state offers such a range of tropical, subtropical and northern species of fish, nor more productive fishing waters. No wonder anglers worldwide are drawn by Florida’s outstanding fishing opportunities. Florida has four geographic regions of the state that provide tremendous fishing diversity and opportunity. The North Zone is populated with cobia, redfish and spotted seatrout. In the South Zone bonefish, tarpon and permit abound. Along the east coast consider redfish, spotted sea trout and tarpon; and the west coast provides snook, redfish and tarpon. In addition, Florida has several award winning state parks that provide outstanding access to saltwater fishing.

Freshwater Fishing Destinations

There are scores of Florida fishing sites which are consistently good destinations for quality recreational fishing. However, with 7,700 named lakes and so many rivers and streams, opportunities are nearly limitless. Recreational fishermen can explore a diversity of habitats from pristine streams to man-made canals, and from natural lakes to artificial reservoirs. During various times of year, different species will be most active, so plan to try an array of different fishing techniques. Florida's fishing industry provides huge opportunities to wrestle sport fish larger than the average man. There's also plenty of flats for bass fishing. Mangroves along the shorelines provide excellent opportunities to snag some redfish or snook. And there's plenty of spearfishing to go around. Near or far of the east and west coast, spear and sport fishing are ubiquitous. In the Sunshine State, it's best to keep two tackle boxes--one freshwater/brackish water and saltwater. Tackle shops can be found in nearly any locality and bait is just a net's cast away. Shore, bridge, pier, wading, kayaking or boating, there's no end to fishing opportunities in the state of Florida. For Key West Charter Fishing contact Jim Sharpe at Seaboots

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