Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Top Outdoor Recreational Activities in the Florida Keys

Key West, the Lower Keys, Matecumbe Key they are all beautiful areas of the Florida Keys which offer a wealth of outdoor recreational activities for the vacationer or outdoor enthusiast.  The beautiful Florida sun, the crystal clear waters of the Gulf and the inviting and relaxed atmosphere of the Florida Keys make this area of Florida simply a vacationer’s paradise.

The most common outdoor recreational activities in the Florida Keys include fishing, boating, diving, kayaking, sailing and simply relaxing in the Florida sun.  If you’re planning a trip to the Florida Keys, here’s a look at just a few of the exciting outdoor recreational activities that you may be interested in taking the time to enjoy during your stay.


Game fishing, spear fishing, hunting for spiny lobster, these are all popular pass times for the residents of the Florida Keys as well as for those who visit.  The area is surrounded by warm coastal waters which make for primetime fishing and recreational fun.  Fishing in the Florida Keys may lead you to the elusive Goliath Grouper, Redfish, Snapper, and a wealth of other delightful creatures of the deep.  Much of the water near the coast is quite shallow so you can even do some sight fishing—if you so wish.


One of the most popular past times in the Florida Keys is boating.  In an area where there are houses that are only accessible by boats, let’s just say that boating is a must in the area.  While you may be able to get where you want to go by car or truck, you’ll have a much better time traveling around the Florida Keys by boat.  The waters are simply pristine and the scenic views are picturesque.


Off the coast of the Florida Keys, many enjoy taking a dive.  One of the top recreational activities in the Florida Keys and another popular past time of both locals and visitors alike is diving the shipwrecks and coral reefs that are located just a short boat ride off the coast of any one of the Florida Keys.  Diving in the Keys is like nowhere else in the world—offering a wealth of underwater nature excitement including thousands of species of fish, sharks, corals and plant life.


Kayaking along the shores is a relaxing experience to be had in the Florida Keys.  Kayak rentals are available at most marinas and even some hotels for the use of those visiting the area.  Kayaks are a great way to get up close and personal with the natural scenic views of the Florida Keys—and you can fish off a kayak too!


At the end of the day, why not take a nice sunset sail along beautiful coastal Florida?  The sun slowly dips across the west and the Florida Keys show their natural beauty.  For the avid outdoor enthusiast, the Florida Keys really do offer outdoor recreational activities that are suitable for just about anyone!

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