Friday, August 09, 2013

Achieving the Biggest Profits When Selling Your Real Estate Properties

I have spent most of my life selling commercial and residential properties. I understand that there are major components that every property owner needs to comprehend when selling their own home or office.

It is imperative to always utilize the services of a realtor. Not only are they a professional in the industry, but they have years of experience and tools necessary to get you the best price. In addition they spent endless hours in huge amounts of energy along with their own resources to ensure that they can quickly sell the property in a competitive market.

Many individuals choose to sell their own properties in an effort to avoid paying the commissions to a realtor. However, the huge amount of hassles and headaches involved in selling a profit are hardly worth the 6% or more that a realtor charges. It is important to remember that the real estate agent does more than seek out potential buyers that are willing to offer the best price for the piece of property you want to sell.

Finding the best realtor in the community is simple, especially when using referrals. In addition you can easily find out who recently sold a home or office in the neighborhood and exactly how much it was sold for, based on what was being asked. In addition, ask your friends and neighbors exactly who they use as a realtor, and if they were satisfied with the results.

In addition to selling the property, the realtor will have a long list of money lenders that they typically referred to when they sell a home or office. They can often find valuable insight for a potential buyer that is finding a challenging time locating the best financing. They can usually offer a wide assortment of money lenders from mortgage companies to banking institutions, and provide a referral where the potential buyer can set up an appointment to discuss their financial needs.

In addition to locating the best real estate agent, you will need to consider offering a property inspection to the potential buyer. There are home and office inspectors that are licensed in the state that know how to find every problem or issue with the property. The potential seller can either offer the services upfront or have the home inspection perform before placing it up for sale, or wait until just before closing.

A home inspector will thoroughly evaluate the entire structure from the ground up. They can determine exactly how much life is left in the roof, whether or not there is any termite damage, or problems with the foundation. As a seller, a home inspection is valuable in that it offers peace of mind in knowing that the buyer will not come back after the sale to complain about the condition of the property.

For the buyer, a home inspection offers peace of mind in knowing that any major issue with the house can be remedied before the purchase has been completed.

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