Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Health Benefits of the Warm Climate in Florida Keys

The Florida Keys is one of the warmest places in the USA. The warm weather in this region affords many health benefits for residents here, as was proven from studies at Stanford University. Living in warm tropical climates has many benefits to our day to day life. Tropical climates sunshine is beneficial to the body. Sunshine provides the body with vitamin D, which is essential for bone development, as well as skin rejuvenation. It is through the vitamin D that the skin generates enough melanin to handle hot weather, and protect skin cells from UV light. The warm weather also makes work easier for body systems and functions, as the body does not have to strain to accomplish required tasks from within. The warm climate in the Florida Keys affects the lifestyle here. People and residents in this area can take life easy because they are blessed with warm weather, which allows them to wear lighter clothing, which allows the body perspire,resulting in healthier skin. Unlike other geographical locations where nights are extremely cold, the weather here is warm enough for night activity. The warm weather also noticeably reduces the numbers of pneumonia occurrences here. Many people in other parts of the country worry about heating bills at the end of the month. In the Keys; energy bills are minimal because the of the warm weather. Noise and other forms of pollution are also reduced in the Keys. This makes life a lot easier and more enjoyable. In addition people are not exposed to hard chemicals that can affect body chemistry and cause infections. Another notable factor with the Keys geographical location is that, there is basically no ice during the winter months, which means roads are always clear. In the Keys you can forget about straining to remove ice and snow from driveways and roofs, hence a more stress free life. Another major advantage of living in Florida Keys is due to the sunshine and warmth, outdoor activities can be enjoyed year round. Resulting in more physical exercise which promotes better health. Why It Pays To Move To Sunnier Climes While many people relocate to southeastern Florida in order to escape the wind and cold of their previous hometowns, there are lots of other reasons that make just as much sense. The truth is that warmer locales offer a broad range of health and wellness benefits for those willing to seek them. Furthermore, southeastern Florida provides a wealth of employment, education and recreational opportunities that will appeal to everyone. The bottom line is that the region represents a truly wonderful way of life.

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