Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Advantages of Retiring to a Condo in the Keys

The Advantages of Retiring to a Condo

After working for so many years in order to provide for your family, it is now time for you to enjoy your retirement. Facing the choice of where to reside is very important, yet aptly very confusing and stressful. If you are the type of person who likes to live in a stress-free environment, read more to know some of the advantages in choosing to live in a condo after your retirement.

First of all, price-wise, it is extremely important to note that it is so much less expensive to choose a fully furnished condos over buying or building a house. Building a house would mean not only purchasing the land, but also having to pay to build the structure itself.

Condominiums can also be easily customized to suit your own taste. The size of the condominium unit will depend on your preference; the size of units range from a studio-type condo to a 3-bedroom unit.

It is also good to note that maintaining condos are also a lot easier than maintaining a house. For one, condos are a lot smaller than an average house. Some condominiums have their own cleaning service that you can choose to avail of to help you clean up your unit. Most condominiums nowadays also have their own maintenance team on call. The maintenance team is the one who is responsible in repairing and cleaning the condominium exteriors. This means not having to worry about having to repair and clean facilities which includes but is not limited to: swimming pools, elevators, wires, pipes, paint jobs for the exterior of the building and many more.

Security is another advantage that you will be getting when you purchase your own condominium unit. At a ripe age of 60, security is the last thing that you should be thinking about. After your retirement, you should be able to just relax, be comfortable and live your life to the fullest without any additional worries. Most condos nowadays have their own security team patrolling day-to-night to ensure your safety. These buildings are also equipped with built-in security cameras so you don’t have to be bothered about burglars, thieves and unauthorized people roaming around the condominium property.

Another advantage of retiring in a condominium is that it will be easier for you to have a social life. After retirement is a great time for you to make new friends. Living in a condominium means having hundreds of other neighbors residing around you, and do note that a big percentage of those are of your age.

Aside from the reasons mentioned above, one should not forget that retiring to a condominium should not mean just staying inside your unit. Retiring to a condominium should not make you feel bored and uneasy. Most condos in Florida Keys, for example, have complete amenities that you can take advantage of. The basic amenities include a swimming pool with barbeque equipment ready for you and your family gatherings, gym facilities to keep you fit and healthy and laundry rooms that would make cleaning up easier. Most condominiums also provide amenities suited for senior citizens (i.e. disabled facilities, elevators, ramps for wheelchairs). This is extremely important to make your living situation easier

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