Sunday, June 08, 2014

Fed up with Cold Winters, relocate to the Upper Keys


 PRLog (Press Release) - May 26, 2014 - ISLAMORADA, Fla. -- Per Kim Bagnell Thaler, Top Producing Real Estate agent for Sotheby’s International, "Another winter has come and gone; well, not really, as it seems the cold, snow, and ice creep year after year further into the spring months. That means a shorter spring, a hot summer, and then, it begins all over again. Living on the east coast, especially in New York City and Boston, is hard on your wallet and taxing to your health.

Things aren’t much better in the midwest, where you’re constantly battling the outdoor elements and having to pay a high price to keep your home warm and in good condition.

Commutes in the city and in the Midwest are long and cost plenty to lug yourself to a from work five days or more every week. This, only to spend weekends shoveling snow, scraping ice, and being resigned to living under a grey sky.

Recreation is scarce, even in the warm months because of the expenses associated with outdoor living.

However, when you discover the warmth and many things to see and do in the Upper Keys, that’s when it becomes clear there is life to be enjoyed at its fullest. Visitors to the Upper Keys come here to escape the big city hustle and bustle and experience life at a slower pace.

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