Wednesday, July 05, 2017

About Summerland Key (Florida Keys)

Located in the Lower Florida Keys, far away from Miami and Key Largo, lies Summerland Key, just about twenty miles east of one of the most famed islands, Key West. Summerland Key first came into development in the late 1940s and early 1950s. Here, you’ll find man things to see and do, most of which are quintessential Florida Keys.

About Summerland Key

Summerland Key owes its existence to one Henry Hudgins, who began the process of taking an undeveloped subtropical island into the modern place it is today. And, Summerland Key is where you’ll find plenty of things to see and do. Of course, chief among them center around the water and natural settings the Florida Keys are so widely known for. 

  • Kayak and canoe. Summerland Key is a wonderful spot to explore the water and see marine life, right from a kayak or canoe. Get close to curious creatures and relax under the sun.
  • Fish, fish, fish. If there’s one popular pastime in the Keys, fishing is probably it. You can fish for many types of species and come away with great stories.
  • Surf in more ways than one. Take to the waves and surf, get in the action and windsurf, or kitesurf. It’s up to you what thrill level you desire.
  • Scuba and snorkel. Explore the water depths and marine life up close when you scuba or snorkel.
  • Dolphin and whale watch. Another way to enjoy the area is dolphin and whale watching.

And, no visit to Summerland Key is complete without taking in a sunset or two or more. For help finding Summerland Key Homes for sale please see

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