Monday, April 09, 2018

Living in Key West 

The real estate market in Key West is almost impervious to the larger economic climate in the United States. Because land is at a premium, the market remains remarkably stable, even during economic downturns. And that means durable property values. What's more, it means it's a good investment, whether buying a primary residence or a vacation home. The weather on Key West is divine. Warm balmy, summers and mild, spring-like winters are the norm. That means outdoor activities are accessible year-round. It also means there's much to see and do. Arts and Culture in Key West
When people think of the Florida Keys, they think about sunsets, boating, fishing, sunbathing and seafood. But what surprises most first time visitors is the diverse culture and arts communities in Key West. There's more to Key West than sand, surf and sun. There are a great many arts to enjoy and participate in: Dance. The most popular dance troops perform the Nutcracker Key West--a tropical take-off of the popular ballet. There's also for the more traditionally-minded, but this is one show that has to been seen.
Festivals. The Pigeon Key Art Festival, the Key West Craft Show, and the Old Island Days Art Festival are journeys into water-color, oils, acrylics and sculpture mediums.
Film. The Tropic Cinema hosts all kinds of movies. From shorts, to independent and foreign films, as well as modern and classics, this theater has it all.
Galleries. If you like to experience art, then you'll love the many opportunities that Key West has to offer. The Morada Way Arts & Cultural District on Islamorada is home to some of the finest galleries in the United States.
Literature. Tennessee Williams was a permanent resident from 1949 until his death in 1983 and Robert Frost took up seasonal residence in the Keys. But the most famous was author Ernest Hemingway, whose home has become a destination for many over the years.
8.Investment Opportunities and Tax Advantages in Owning a Vacation Home Rental in the Keys-Gary smith 4-4-2017
The Keys are a great place to work and play. But this chain of islands off the coast of Florida situated between the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico also has hidden potential. And that comes in the form of investment opportunity. When people think of the Florida Keys, they think of sunshine, beaches, sparkling water and balmy breezes drifting about day and night. They think about watching sunsets and sunrises, strolls along the coastline, a tropical lifestyle, casual dining and mouthwatering seafood. But there's a lot more to the Keys.

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