Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The Arts in Jacksonville

The Arts in Jacksonville
The arts are alive and doing well in Jacksonville. From fine arts, performing arts and other activities, the seven-county region is a model of diversity. If you're an actor, musician, photographer, writer, painter or all around arts and culture enthusiast, Jacksonville has a place for you.

Jacksonville has
• Its own Ballet Company,
• A Symphony orchestra
• 5 Theatre companies
• 5 museums
• 6 Theatre venues
• 12 entertainment venues (arenas-concert halls)

A few really stand out:
• Jacksonville Museum of Modern Art
• The Jacksonville Museum of Science & History
• The Florida Theatre
• The Jacksonville Symphony orchestra
• For upcoming Jacksonville events and concerts go to
• In addition there are
• 65 plus Art galleries
• 50 plus Antique shops throughout the area.
So, if you’re a creative type and are considering a lifestyle change, Jacksonville could be just the ticket.

For more information and specifics about art venues, museums etc, see this Web site
• A palm tree just could be in your future.

Downtown Jacksonville
With over 17 art galleries, museums, theatres and performing arts venues, it’s no wonder over 10 million people a year visit our city’s urban core.

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