Monday, January 02, 2006

Despite Four Hurricanes, Florida reiocation is up

Last years hurricanes haven’t stopped people from moving to Florida.
In fact, population grew by more than 400,000, which according to The University of Florida represented one of the largest increases in Florida’s history

”There are 5 major reasons for the increased migration here.
1. Florida is a unique state that a majority of people grew up dreaming about. As the population ages, they’re grabbing a piece of that dream

2. People are starting to take hurricanes as a fact of life. Much as Californian’s take earthquakes and fire as a fact of life, and Midwesterners live with the threat of blizzards and tornadoes.

3. The Baby boomer influx. With large incomes and equity growth, they’re buying 2nd home as investments here and making lifestyle changes.

4. In 2005, (per Florida’s Economic conference) Florida led the nation in the highest number of new jobs created at 252,600 plus we were the leading state in job creation (3.4%)

5. The high heating costs in the North. When the snow flies, people definitely watch the weather channel and dreams of beaches and palm trees come to mind.

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