Friday, June 01, 2012


Florida is one of the most business friendly states in America. Low corporate taxes and an expansion minded regulatory and tax structure is why many corporations establish themselves or move to the Sunshine State. Florida has more to offer than low business taxes and hands-off regulation--it has an ever-expanding infrastructure which makes doing business in Florida just good business sense. There are a number of other factors which make Florida a business friendly state. A big and increasing consumer population exists--meaning businesses have no shortage of customers.

Florida Corporate Taxes

As stated, Florida is a tax friendly business location. The taxes are low or nonexistent in some instances. What's more, the state of Florida actually encourages businesses to expand. The Sunshine State lets corporations use excess capital to fund growth initiatives instead of dedicating such monies to tax outlays.

International Business Presence

Throughout the state of Florida, particularly in south and central portions of the peninsula, there are a number of foreign corporations which choose to call Florida their home. What's more, these international corporations take advantage of the many seaports and airports throughout the state. Businesses wanting to further their reach can also take advantage of these shipping resources.

Employee Pool

Florida has many fine universities of higher education. Those attending and graduating students help to bolster Florida's business friendly environment. A deep pool of interns, bright young hires and out-of-the-box thinkers lives in the Sunshine State. In addition, skilled workers relocate to the state by the thousands each year. In short, Florida has the best of both worlds, young talent and experienced workers.


Florida is proud of its business driven economy. And it shows. On the state level, in the majority of counties and municipality have business advocacy groups. These include groups which provide both financial and informational assistance for businesses large and small. Florida is one of the most small business friendly environments with a strong presence by the Small Business Association and the National Retail Federation, just to name two of many. And there is certainly more. Some municipalities have even adopted tax rebate incentive packages. This makes Florida one of the most ideal state in which to launch, relocate and/or grow a business. For help finding Florida Keys Commercial Real Estate contact Gary Smith at

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