Monday, June 11, 2012


Florida is among the most populous states in America. Each year, tens of thousands relocate to the Sunshine State peninsula. Not only for the sun, sand and surf but for its cost friendly living. In comparison to other heavily populated states, Florida is among the least expensive. Florida is a tax friendly state for individuals and businesses both. The cost of groceries and utilities is relatively smaller across the state than in the northeast of the country and west coast.

Utility Costs in Florida

Say goodbye to heating oil, snow plows and other expensive must haves residents in the northeast must incur every year. There are months during the year when air conditioning and heating aren't even necessary. Those who live in the Keys and southern tip of the peninsula best know this. A tropical sea breeze winds between the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean.  Along Florida's coast lines, the night air is crisp with warm mornings and balmy afternoons. Here, there is no winter maintenance. No shoveling snow or warming up the car twenty minutes before driving.

Taxes in Florida

Many businesses relocate their headquarters or their entire operation to the Sunshine State--and for good reason. Corporate taxes are low and Florida boasts a business friendly environment. That goodwill is also afforded to private residents. Homestead exemptions are the norm in the state and there is no income tax. Unlike the northeastern and west coast of the country, there are no county and city income taxes. Property taxes are low when also compared to the west coast and northeast.

Living Expenses

Food and clothing top out at country wide average prices. On the medium to low price point, food and clothing aren't outrageously expensive. And forget about paying confiscatory rates to have your own parking space. In the majority of township across the peninsula, parking spaces aren't rented or sold.  Garage parking is somewhat of a novelty in the Sunshine State. Crowded subways, white knuckle taxi rides are nowhere to be found. All in all, the state of Florida is a cost friendly place to live. Low taxes, tax exemptions, inexpensive living expenses make the peninsula one of the best places to live in the United States.

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