Monday, November 26, 2012

Economic Advantages of Living in a Warmer Climate

Bitter cold might be one reason to move to southeast Florida, but it certainly isn't the only one. There are a number of health benefits to living in a warmer climate, according to research conducted by prestigious Standford University. What's more, there's more opportunity for people of all ages in places like southeast Florida. From jobs, to schools, to hobbies and sports, to everyday living, it's a great place to live, work and play.

Warm Climate Health Advantages

First and foremost, there's practically no risk of slipping and falling on ice. For seniors and those with limited mobility, that's a huge benefit. It's also advantageous to motorists because southeast Florida doesn't have freezing winters. So accidents from black ice help to keep insurance rates down. Then there's the matter of exercise and activity. In warmer climates, temperatures are moderate even during the winter months. And that means more months of being able to participate in a myriad of outdoor activities. What's more, warm climates are better for those who have arthritis.

Economic Advantages of Warm Climate Living

Besides the health benefits of living in a warmer climate, there's also financial advantages. Southeast Florida, and the whole state is very business friendly. That translates into more jobs and more opportunity for entrepreneurs. But there's more to the Sunshine State's economic advantages:
  • Home maintenance costs are considerably lower. Cold climates take their toll on a home. From damage caused by freezing pipes to frozen septic systems to wood rot, winter months are hard on homes. What's more, landscaping and lawn care don't have to be redone every spring.
  • Automobiles last longer in warmer climates. Snow and ice are tough not only on tires. They also bring out the salt to keep roads safe. And that's a recipe for rust, wear and tear.
  • No state income tax.  That's music to many people's ears. In Florida, there's only a nominal sales tax. And corporations have many exemptions as well as other financial benefits.
  • There's more to choose from in the new home market. Because so many people relocate to southeast Florida, new construction is ever-present. And that means plenty of choices. It also means not having to rehabilitate older homes to make them comfortable and energy efficient.
Not only are does living in southeast Florida have these benefits, it's also less expensive during the winter months. There's no need to buy snow tires and residents practically live for months with their windows open, letting mother nature provide cool the house.

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