Monday, April 14, 2014

The Benefits of using a House Sitter if you Travel extensively!

 Whether you’re often out of town for extended periods on business, are in the process of relocation, or like to travel to exotic destinations, you know that all the time you’re away, your home is sitting empty. That often means relying on family, friends and neighbors to take care of things like getting the mail, walking the dog, feeding the cat, minding the pool, and other regular daily chores.

Of course, these are impositions on your family and friends, and asking them time and again becomes uncomfortable and eventually places a strain on the relationship. The answer to the problem is to have someone housesit.

What is a House Sitter?

Typically, this is a student at a nearby university or college, a professional that’s only in the area for a limited period of time, or a retiree. These individuals generally charge $15 per day and prices can go up from there. A house sitter will watch over your property while you’re away on business, traveling for pleasure, or searching for a new place to live.

What are the Reasons for using a House Sitter?

There are several reasons for hiring a house sitter to stay in your home while you’re away. Here are some of the most compelling benefits:

      Fewer burdens on family, friends, and neighbors. As stated, if this is an ongoing need, it can be an awkward situation or one that becomes tiresome; after all, those people have personal and professional affairs to attend to as you do.
      Having a bit of added security. Thieves like to burglarize empty homes, even the ones with security systems. A home that’s occupied is one thieves are quick to pass up because it involves too much risk, no matter the potential reward.
      Decreasing professional services expenses. If you’re away, the grass still grows, the pool still needs to be treated, the pets still need care, and the home still needs to be cleaned. That runs up a heft price tag if you hire a landscaping service, a pool service, a pet groomer, and a cleaning service.
      Avoiding having to rent out your property on a short-term basis. Sure, this will bring some passive income, which is always nice. However, it will mean becoming a landlord, which is something most homeowners don’t want to do. It also means having to move your stuff out to allow the renter to move their stuff in, only to do it all over again when the lease expires.
      Giving you more selling leverage. If you’re relocating and the house is vacant, potential buyers will see that’s the case. An empty house to buyers means a more motivated seller, one who will take less than the asking price to be rid of the property.

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