Monday, April 14, 2014

Where You Live is How You Live!

Many people have heard the phrase "you are what you eat" and have taken it to heart. What you put in your body becomes your body. The same can be said about your surroundings. Where you live is how you live. Put simply, people are a product of their environment, which is why most people living in larger cities, almost always have higher stress levels.

The effects of higher stress:.
Research has documented that high levels of stress definitely increase the risk of heart disease and strokes among other illnesses. In addition, increased stress is also counterproductive when it comes to getting things done, as high stress levels take away precious energy. Alternatively, living a life where stress levels are less, has been linked to lower blood pressure and a more general sense of well-being.

The conclusion is, that if you live in an area that has lower levels of stress, it can in turn lead to a better quality of life. So, for those who are looking for a change of pace, moving to an area where stress levels will decrease is always a good decision.

For example, those who live in areas such as Florida beach towns, will almost always enjoy lower stress levels. The sound of the ocean, the feeling of the sand between your toes and sunny days are life's natural mood enhancers and will in fact change the way you view the world and your life.

As a decision, moving to the beaches of Florida could be the best thing you've ever done for yourself. Consider that you maybe owe it to yourself and your family to seriously consider this as a life changing option. The beaches of Florida are some of the most beautiful in the world, and making your new home along the coast can be a wonderful way to decrease your stress levels.
Picture yourself sitting on a hammock, sipping a drink and looking out towards the ocean. The years of hard work, don't you owe yourself something?

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